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De: HOFHOUSE-PORTUGAL construção inovadora  02/17/2011
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 If you really don´t mind to live in a steel-frame cage, you don´t need to read the following article!

Light steel-frame buildings

The mining industry, mainly in Southafrica, is promoting the light steel private homes since some years.

We give you some ideas why you should avoid to life in such kind of environment like steel cages.

“Faradays cage” effect!

The word “electro smog” is often used to describe all the electromagnetic fields generated by technology. In our environment, there are several examples of electromagnetic fields: x rays, visible light, mobile phones radiation, radios, as well as electric and magnetic fields created by high-tension power lines.

But what are the effects of electro smog?

Many cancers, including leukaemia, brain, breast and cancers specific to children between 0 to 9 years old could be linked to electromagnetic fields

Not only electro pollution is linked to cancer, but it also has been shown that electromagnetism feeds the disease, and can lower the effectiveness of medication against cancer.

Electro smog is also linked to a newly diagnosed disease called electro hypersensitivity. The biggest problem is that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), no study has yet demonstrated that the symptoms expressed by people suffering from hypersensitivity are caused by electro pollution. The first symptoms of electro hypersensitivity are headaches, cardiac, digestive and neurologic problems, skin sensitivity and muscular pain. Insomnia, chronic fatigue, and depression follow those symptoms.

How to protect yourself?

We have to rethink environmental influences of modern living.

The degree to which electromagnetic pollution affects the body is clearly quite astonishing, and this study illustrates that. But it makes you wonder how many people have diabetes simply because of EMF pollution.

This idea that reducing the electro pollution of your house could drastically reduce a patient’s need for insulin has never even registered in conventional (mainstream) medicine. Yet it could be a crucial understanding for tens of millions of diabetics around the world.

Electromagnetic radiation leads to many diseases, including cancer. Our bodies are constantly barraged by electromagnetic radiation from numerous electronic sources, and most people don’t think twice about this high level of exposure (probably because many don’t even realize it’s there), but the truth is that all this EMF pollution is leading to widespread illness.

Not everyone feels this way, of course, but sadly most of today’s experts seem unable (or unwilling) to put two and two together and make the connection between electromagnetic pollution and disease.

It all gives credence to the idea of getting into nature more often, doesn’t it? If you’re sensitive to electro pollution, the farther away you get from the city, the better you’ll feel. No wonder most people innately gravitate to such natural environments like forests, lakes and ocean beaches.
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Palavras-chave Architektur Algarve, Construcao Inovadora, Low energy Houses,

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