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Divers Cape Unipessoal Lda, is a professional diving school, situated in the of in the extremesouth-western corner of Europe, in the , which remains mostly unchanged.

is based on professionalism, competence, safety, hygiene and sympathy, with a staff ofinstructors who are experienced, qualified and certified by PADI (ProfessionalAssociation of Diving Instructors), performing regular diving courses at various levels and specialised courses.

The school was formed in January 2008,by  the Technical Director and Instructor Daniel Balmer, MSDT - 912564 aiming towards the teaching of qualified recreational divers. We aim to cover all aspects in the field of recreational diving and professional diving for business, offering interesting diving packagesand courses at different levels, and prices.

We aim to provide all who come to our school, moments of relaxation away from stress and extra work,motivating the practice of sport and leisure, bringing together leaders and employees in mini breaks, meetings or company events, in calm and idyllic corners of , here in beautiful Sagres.

Lots of the activities are aimed at bringing people together, spending unforgettable moments away from pressures and stress, therefore establishing a better foundationfuture for your company.

We care for your well-being:

·         Daily diving trips to historic and beautiful places.

·         Night dives

·         Easy parking

·         Easy and short access to the dive boats right in front of our door

·         Spacious boats for your comfort.

Safety is important to us and we have covered all risks with the insurance companies Aquamed and Mutua dos .

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