/// Masterização

/// Masterização a Sound Pressure Studios

De: Sound Pressure Studios  08/31/2011
Palavras-chave Som E Imagem, Estúdios De Gravação, Edição De Música

For us mastering is an essential process to create the very best impact for your audio projects.

Not only to create the all important first impression of anyone hearing your music but also to compete with the sound quality of other professional audio products. Mastering at Sound Pressure Studios will ensure that your tracks are brought up to these standards.
Our experienced engineer Leopoldo Lopes will apply the latest state-of-the-art mastering techniques and processes to your tracks using the best high end software and hardware available.

You really should check out our most recent and past work to take a look at first hand of what we are capable of!

Palavras-chave Edição De Música, Estúdios De Gravação, Masterização, Som E Imagem

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