Kodak Thermal Direct Plate

De: Auto Gráfica Luso Americana SA  02/28/2010
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 KODAK THERMAL DIRECT Non Process Plates deliver the resolution and imaging accuracy of thermal, digital plates without processing. THERMAL DIRECT Plates eliminate the installation, management or maintenance of the traditional wet-chemical plate processing system. This eliminates cost, as well as a source of variability--the processor--and thus improves the overall stability of the digital platemaking process. THERMAL DIRECT Plates reduce costs--you don’t need to purchase and maintain an inventory of processing chemistry, utility costs and water usage are lower, and you have more available floor space By eliminating the processing step, THERMAL DIRECT Plates shorten the platemaking cycle and deliver more jobs on press per shift Increasing press productivity increases efficiency, lowers cost, and improves overall profitability THERMAL DIRECT Plates can help your business be more environmentally responsible The plates can be imaged by all popular thermal CTP devices currently on the market The plates are easy to use in terms of imaging and handling and are compatible with existing printing press environments On press, the plate has a familiar look and feel KODAK THERMAL DIRECT Non Process Plates can be a key element to improving the Stability of your printing business, helping you achieve your quality, efficiency, profitability, and environmental goals.

Palavras-chave Artes Gráficas , Chapas digitais, Impressão, Kodak,

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