Psychotherapy in English;

De: Clara Soares - Psicóloga Clínica. Psicoterapeuta  10/04/2012
Palavras-chave Saúde , Consultas De Psicologia, Psicologia Clinica

Psychotherapy in English.
Please make your reservation by mail or by phone.
Clara Soares - - 962732633

is good way to mantain your emotional and psychological balance and also improve your personal skills and self development.

Studies show that brief psychotherapy - one weekly session for a year and a half, more or less, depending on the situation presented - brings a new chance to deal with your own personal conflicts and dilemas in a different light and in a more healthy and way.
Clara Soares works in Algés and Carcavelos.

Special conditions:
Appointments at home (between Oeiras and S Pedro Estoril)
- send an email to Clara Soares.

Palavras-chave Consultas De Psicologia, Psicologia Clinica, Psicoterapia Psicanalítica, Saúde

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