WORKSHOP | The Game of Expert Dialogue - Learning How to Cooperate!

WORKSHOP | The Game of Expert Dialogue - Learning How to Cooperate! a Let'sTalkGroup

De: Let'sTalkGroup  02/15/2011
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An Creative and Interactive Workshop for Corporate Teams. Hotel Tivoli Oriente - Lisbon, 1st of June 2011


The Game of Expert Dialogue is an Art of exchange and cooperation between the participants promoting a new type of dialogue, exchange, active listening and collective learning.

The Expert Dialogue workshop aims to develop the participant’s potential to work and communicate in a team through personal and mutual questioning. The Game itself is a teaching tool that helps to set and clarify professional whereas personal objectives and to find the tools to take these projects further. Through the interaction of the group the game aims to create a Shared Vision for accelerating the processes of change, to dynamize creativity, to develop personal motivation within the organisation’s objectives, to resolve conflicts, to facilitate decision making and set the appropriate actions.

The Game of Expert Dialogue is a surprising and joyful experience to learn! As a concept it is very simple – all that is needed is a group of players, a dice, a timer and some cards with questions that the players need to answer in order to move on. The learning happens through the answering of the questions followed by the reactions and discovers of the players that the dynamic plays out.

At the end of an Expert Dialogue workshop all the participants will have discovered and created new protocols of communication, assimilated the notion of change, experimented a structured principle of cooperation and learned the steps for developing their personal and professional projects. To maximize the learning experience, after the workshop each participant will receive a “game report” summing up the collective and personal objectives and commitments introduced during the workshop session.

Because it’s a Game - and playing is the best way to learn! The Game creates a training environment with a positive drive involving each participant to contribute and to help the others reach their goals.

This workshop is designed specifically to Managers and Leaders, and their team members as well as professionals working with specific projects seeking to enhance performance and improve their working relationships and communication skills in a team context.

Sylvain Stabile cooperated for 6 years to the development of Taovillage, which gained popularity in France as an innovating experience in private circles as well as an efficient corporate team building tool. He has since dedicated his professional skills and experience to Communication and Project Development. He has collaborated with various companies in the fields of communication, marketing and training. He regularly conducts corporate seminars in the UK, France and Portugal and performs life coaching for private clients.

Sylvain Stabile is a certified trainer and consultant in CommunicationDevelopment. He has a Degree in Communication and English (Faculty of Nancy - 1983). He has gained in Paris, where he lived 17 years, a reputation as a skilled collaborator specialized in innovative projects.

Presentation of the Game
   > The Rules
   > The Theory Behind It
Defining the Objectives
   > Denominating the collective goal
   > Denominating the personal goal
   > Constitution of the teams
The Game
   > Clarifying the objective, defining what motivates it.
   > The assets, qualities and means to reach it.
   > The obstacles, the fears and limitations to overcome
   > The effort, ritual or actions that must be taken.
   > Questions/Answers to create a shared vision
   > The Yi king Oracles to define each member’s commitment
Theoretical Aspects
   > The structure of fairy tales
   > The tolteque principles (non judgemental communication)
   > The yi king
Debrief of the Seminar and Perspectives

Companies who use Expert Dialogue Sessions:
Coca Cola France, Total, Suez, TF1, UPSA Laboratories, Bouygues Telecom, SNCF, Hartley SAS,...

Hotel Tivoli Oriente, Parque das Nações, Lisbon
1st of June 2011, 09:00 - 18:00

1 Participant - 790,00€ (+VAT)
2 Participants - 990,00€ (+VAT)

Special prices for Groups!

Contact us tel. +351 217957468 or email.

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