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De: Lisbon Eco Tours  07/04/2014
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Our Moorish tour will allow you to discover the old town of Lisbon. The ancient castle, its history and fate, as well as the many viewpoints (miradouros) around Alfama and Graca, make this essential for anyone who wants to get to know the old Lisbon. Experience the beauty, the history, culture and gastronomy of Lisbon on board a Twizy. This 100% electric car will provide a unique experience in a relaxed and eco-friendly environment, Live, feel and fall in love with Lisbon as the GPS audio guide explains the many stories, curiosities and points of interest, in a fun and informative way. Relax and enjoy one of the oldest cities in the world. Each Twizy is equipped with an automatic gearbox for ease of use, and is completely silent as it drives. The GPS audio guide will help you find your way with ease, providing a fascinating context to the sites you will see en route. Learn about the historic Igreja de Santo António in Castelo. Marvel at the ornate façade of the Cathedral Sé, and go to the Portas do Sol (Gates to the Sun) in the Alfama district for stunning city views. Continue to the Miradouro da Graça for more panoramic views. Then, pass the monastery of São Vicente de Fora and the 17th-century Panteão Nacional (National Pantheon) in the Church of Santa Engrácia. Cruise the historic streets of Alfama, Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood, and discover the viewpoint of Senhora o Monte. Go to Mouraria Neighborhood, and marvel at the Manueline façade of the Casa dos Bicos. Head into the elegant Lisbon Baixa and find tree-lined boulevards full of cafés and shops. O Tour Mourisca leva-o a conhecer a zona mais antiga da cidade de Lisboa. Desde a Sé ao Castelo, passando pelos fantásticos Miradouros que esta área possui, vendo o imponente Panteão Nacional e a sua magnífica cúpula. Disfrute dos bairros típicos da Graça e Alfama. Tudo isto com um guia áudio GPS multilingue, que lhe explica os pontos de interesse de uma forma divertida com muitas histórias e curiosidades de uma das cidades mais antigas do Mundo. Este tour inclui áudio guia com 11 pontos de interesse

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