Violent crimes down in 2007

De: Fx Portugal Financieel  04/08/2008
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Violent crimes down in 20075/4/2008 The Government last week announced a 10.5 percent fall in violent and serious crime and a stabilisation of reported crimes in 2007 in comparison to the previous year. Although having registered 2,587 less violent and serious crimes, ‘carjacking’ cases rose (365 to 488) as well as petrol station robberies(222 to 241) and thefts, 5,424 compared to 5,378. Murders lowered substantially (194 to 133), rapes (341 to 306), jewellery shop hold-ups down to 98, bank robberies (139 to 108) and charges of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm (673 to 662) also registered a decrease. Cases of juvenile delinquency last year dropped by 206. According to statistics, 391,611 criminal cases were reported to security forces in 2007, representing a 0.1 percent rise. “Any crime is one crime too many and it concerns us a lot. We cannot fight crime with numbers, but with measures” said the Internal Affairs Minister Rui Pereira upon the release of these figures. For the first time ever, the Internal Safety Report included strategic guidelines and measures, predicting community security reinforcement an increase in police patrols, cooperation between councils and strengthening bonds with international organisations, among others. Edition: 953

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