Embalagem Gualy

Embalagem Gualy a Gualy - Jóias

De: Gualy - Jóias  02/17/2010
Palavras-chave Moda , Ourivesarias e Joalharias, Acessórios

A Cor da Gualy: 

This noble deep purple or nightshade inspires reflection and balance.  The aubergine has various shapes, generally elongated but also ranging from egg-shaped (hence its name) to a large pear-shaped ball. Its skin is shiny and smooth and its colour may be purple, white or violet.

Palavras-chave Acessórios, Criatividade, Jóias, Loja On-Line, Moda , Ourivesarias e Joalharias, Ouro - Prata, pedras preciosas, Pedras Preciosas e Semi-Preciosas