AGME design and manufacture solutions for hinges assembly

AGME design and manufacture solutions for hinges assembly a AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ

De: AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ  06/14/2010
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AGME design and manufacture special purpose machines for assembling car hinges. These machines are capable of performing the following operations:

    • Automatic feeding of components, bushes flaring, hinge riveting, presence and position control,  turning torque control, pressure and course control,  part marking and separation of failed parts from the OK parts

This car hinge assembly machine has two rotary transfers which include the following devices:

- Base frames
- Rotary tables with 4 workstations
- Set of fixtures and tools
- Feeding vibrators
- Conveyor belts
- Selection devices with gripping units
- AGME hydraulic cylinders MPH-5 with flaring heads  
- AGME riveting machines RR-16 with three controlled axis
- Units for turning torque control
- Laser sensors
- Quality assurance systems
- Selection ramps for Ok and failed parts

In all hydraulic units, the reached pressure and levels are controlled by a hydraulic presostate and a linear transducer respectively.

Due to the automation of the hinge assembly operations, the production times are reduced and the assembled components are equal in dimensions and quality. In this way human errors are avoided and a thorough control quality is done, separating the failed parts from the ok parts

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