Agme Fast and efficient Tube Endforming Machine

Agme Fast and efficient Tube Endforming Machine a AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ

De: AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ  06/05/2009
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AGME has recently designed and produced a fast and efficient Tube Endforming machine for a German automotive component manufacturer, international leader in the seat component manufacturing.

The process required by the client is the seat components joining with a tube end forming process in 10 seconds total cycle time.

For this purpose, AGME has developed a hydraulic-pneumatic machine with two tube end forming units, two slide chariots, one assembled part ejection chariot and a fixture lubrication mechanism.

Each tube end forming unit is composed of one AGME Hydraulic Press PH-50, one set of tube holding and assembly clamps, one fixture for positioning the links, one set of fixtures for the tube and one device with three positions for the links assembly and for doing the tube end forming on both sides of the link.

Cycle description

After the manual loading of the tube and the links into the fixture, the cycle starts. Then the tube is centred and held with the clamps and the first tube endforming operation between the clamps and the links, is performed. After this the second tube endforming process is done between the link and the fixtures and then the assembled part is removed.

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