AGME plastic assembly machines incorporates the ultrasonic welding

AGME plastic assembly machines incorporates the ultrasonic welding a AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ

De: AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ  09/21/2009
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AGME, leader in the manufacture ofSpecial Assembly machines, incorporates the Ultrasonic Technology to its special machines in its desire to offer its customers comprehensive solutions for automating their productions processes.

For this purpose, AGME has signed a collaboration agreement with Ultrasonidos Gala from Hermann, ultrasonic technology specialist with more than 45 years experience in thermoplastics parts joining. 

The ultrasonic welding can join injection moulded thermoplastics parts (ABS, polyamides, polypropylenes, etc) using ultrasonic frequencies. In this way, you can get welding applications with the highest strength, precision and repeatability, obtaining hermetic and leak proof seals.

The application laboratories are equipped with specialized test and measure equipment. We thoroughly analyze test welds on the parts for homogeneous melt flow and then verify the results. Proper tensile strength and hermetic sealing are also verified.

The applications of the customized machines AGME designs with ultrasonic welding are very extensive in diverse industries such as:

- Automotive: motor covers, tanks, consoles, door panels, bumpers, side protections, etc

- Household appliances: detergent dispensers, refrigerator interior parts, ventilation systems, front panels, etc

- Medical: filters, surgical instruments, catheters, etc

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