AGME riveting machines with double head for rolling over processes

AGME riveting machines with double head for rolling over processes a AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ

De: AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ  02/04/2010
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 AGME design and manufacture a wide range of radial riveting machines available in a variety of sizes, from the RR-4 (max. 4mm Rivet head) to the RR-30, (max. 30mm Rivet head) to ensure that the correct machine is selected to produce perfectly riveted components. Ranging from small fragile components to large heavy duty automotive components, the AGME machine series guarantees good quality riveted joints every time

As well as standard riveting machines, AGME manufacture double rolling head riveters, for inner or outer rolling over processes. By using this method, the assembly of many different parts can be performed: thermo contacts, gas and water valves, gas or hydraulic shock-absorbers, water pumps, electro fan, etc.

The rolling over process is the result of the combination of the rolling heads turning and their vertical movement. The customized solutions that AGME design and manufacture can include other components such as:

- Fixture and dollies for holding parts

- Head protection, lateral guarding

- Two hand Control

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