Agme Rotary Transfer machine for Screws and Pins Insertion

Agme Rotary Transfer machine for Screws and Pins Insertion a AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ

De: AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ  06/05/2009
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AGME, specialist in the manufacturing of assembly machines, has recently designed an automatic assembly rotary transfer for a leading national Automotive Components Supplier.

The required process is screws and pins insertion into airbag containers with different types of brackets.

In order to meet these requirements, AGME has developed an automatic hydraulic-pneumatic machine with:

- A rotary table with variable torque and 6 stations.
- Manual Container Loading and Automatic Extraction unit
- Automatic pins and screws loading flexible system with a 6 axis robot.
- Screws and pins automatic hydraulic insertion unit mounted on a CNC slide. Insertion controlled by a linear transducer (movement) and a loading cell (pressure).
- Pneumatic bending unit (P600 DE) for the central bracket.
- Hydraulic bending unit (MPH-5) for the other brackets bending.

Cycle Description
Station 1: Container Manual Feeding
Station 2: Pins and screws automatic feeding with a robot.
Station 3: Free.
Station 4: Four screws and two pins insertion with an AGME mini Hydraulic Press MPH-10.
Station 5: Central bracket bending with an AGME pneumatic press P600 DE
Station 6: Rest of the brackets bending with an AGME mini Hydraulic Press MPH-5.

With this fast and efficient machine the manual insertion and bending processes are replaced by automatic ones, minimizing the cycle time and increasing the productivity.

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