AGME special purpose machines for screwing components

AGME special purpose machines for screwing components a AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ

De: AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ  01/15/2010
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AGME design and manufacture special purpose machines for screwing automotive components. It has recently made a rotary transfer to screw car seat tracks. The screwing process is done in 12 seconds thanks to the automation of most operations.

The machine consists of a four station rotary transfer with:

-  One bed base, one circular plate with four work stations
-  One set of 4 tools with 3 positions in each tooling
-  One screwing unit
-  Pneumatic components: Pneumatic progressive starter, general electro valve and pneumatic presostate
-  Electric components: general cabinet with power elements, control by “Siemens  S7- automaton and tactile operating board
-  Guarding: fixed guardings and photoelectric barrier

In the first station the following operations are performed: upper track manual feeding, component positioning and track control through laser sensors. After these operations, in the second station there are two screws automatic loading and screwing together with a torque and angle control.

Then the distance between the components is controlled in the third station as well as the ok parts marking. Finally, in the fourth station there is an ok parts automatic unloading. The failed parts will be taken to a Red box.

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