Excellent Radial Riveting technology in AGME riveting machines

Excellent Radial Riveting technology in AGME riveting machines a AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ

De: AGME-EUROPNEUMAQ  06/05/2009
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The AGME radial riveting system is based on a radial movement which is the best method for riveting all type of products from different sectors such as: automotive, meal fittings, lock industry, electromechanical, house hold appliance, aeronautic, etc.

The AGME Riveting System offers perfectly riveted components and allows the material to flow naturally in three directions:

- Radially outside
- Radially inside
- Tangentially

The excellent results obtained from the radial riveting method are far superior to other methods based on outdated hammering or orbital system.

The AGME radial riveting process is based on a combined pressing movement and planetary oscillation that result in important competitive advantages over the orbital method:

- Better internal configuration of the formed material.
- Better mechanical characteristics
- Lower friction in the riveting tool
- Lower temperature
- Longer life of the riveting tool
- Safer method for the operator

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