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EUROACTIV Property Developments a EURO-ACTIV Property Development

De: EURO-ACTIV Property Development  11/13/2008
Palavras-chave Imobiliárias, Mediação Imobiliária, Imobiliário

Since 2006, EUROACTIV has been active in the Portuguese real estate market. Founded initially by the German firm ACTIV IMMOBILIEN, and later in Joint Venture with ACCUMULATA DEVELOPMENTS, has since 2007 new management and a reorientation of its strategy and targets.

Currently, EUROACTIV is a provider of integrated solutions for all property necessities, presenting a full range of property development management services.

Covering the whole Life Cycle of a complex real estate project, we offer our services from idea/concept, land acquisition, project, construction and hand-over to exploitation and respective asset, property and facility management.

EUROACTIV focuses on Retail, Industrial, Office, Hospitality, Healthcare, Mixed-Use and Special real estate projects.

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